Massive lockdowns: So Future!

Neopopdada collective ViaOral investigates (art) historical and geopolitical patterns in relation to current events. For TEC ART 2022 they delve into obscure KGB archives and the social media-driven mass circulation and forced lockdowns in China’s cities of millions

ViaOral is an artists initiative with a changing composition around the visual artists Frank Morssinkhof and Kees de Groot. Their cooperation goes back to the first year of the AKI in Enschede, at the time still a stronghold of avant-garde and artistic innovation, partly due to the media art department.

Under the guidance of audio-visual and media art lecturer Rene Coelho, who in those years founded Montevideo (later the Netherlands Media Art Institute), the first generation of video artists in The Netherlands emerged, of which Kees de Groot and Frank Morssinkhof became leading exponents.