Emma Schep

Beyond the Binary

Beyond the Binary is a platform that discusses the relation between technology and (in)equalities.

In the past decades, digital technologies have become an unmissable part of our everyday life. We wake up to the alarm on our phones, follow the news with different applications, and even stream graduation presentations online. But while technology became so engrained in our lives, it is surprising that the development of tech is largely done by a homogenous group of people.

According to the Gender Gap report of 2020, only 3 out of 20 workers in tech are women. And this is not only the case in the Netherlands, in most countries, but the number of women working in tech also does not reach higher than about 30%.

Beyond the Binary started as a podcast that discusses the gender gap and the relation between women and technology. Exploring our understanding of what technology is – like innovative, fast, mathematical, rational – and what femininity is, and how these understandings create a gender gap in digital technology professions and lead to malfunctioning digital technologies.